Monday, July 18, 2011

Driftwood Lily Garden Stump Stool

Bellawillow loves Green Living and doing our part to help the environment.  Located near the banks of the Ohio River, we see on a daily basis the massive amounts of driftwood that clutter the shores.  This debris is not only an eyesore but it makes it difficult for both people and animals to enjoy the river.  This natural resource can be collected and used in so many ways.  Bellawillow, in collaboration with Elwood Designs, have started some projects around the shop using the driftwood we have collected from the river.

In our hunt for pieces of driftwood to complete the Driftwood Fence we came across some of these short sections of tree trunks.  We decided to make them into stools and have used the wood burner to create some awesome designs around the wood.  This is our Lily Garden Stump Stool.

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